Continuity of care, especially when it comes to drug abuse, can make a world of difference. Assuming addiction treatment is a one-time experience can be a deadly mistake.  This article explores recovery options, including sober living homes, PHP, IOP and traditional residential treatment. Special attention will be given to recovery housing in Bristol and Levittown, PA, both vibrant areas for recovery. 

Importance of sober living/recovery housing after addiction treatment

Where and how you recover from drug abuse is not a cookie cutter solution. What matters or works for one person may be totally different for another. I have a dear friend who has tried various addiction treatment centers and sober living homes throughout the country. His environment was so important to him so he couldn’t last a day in a dump! Since his dealers were all in his area, he figured why not try Bristol or Levittown, which were middle class neighborhoods with affordable sober living. Residing in a recovery house that feels like home but gives the structure and support necessary for sobriety, can be a tremendous blessing and welcome solution for so many. Thankfully, my buddy is now one year sober and now knows that long term sober living made all the difference for his situation. 

Benefits of PHP & IOP over traditional residential drug rehab

Again, there is no set way to recovery that works for everyone. That’s probably why you see so many different types of addiction treatment centers. Proper evaluation will help determine which facility is best for you. The type of drug abuse, the duration of the addiction, family support and history are all key factors in choosing the right path for long term sobriety.  Traditional residential addiction treatment typically requires a 30-day stay and costs more money. IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program), on the other hand involves a few hours three days per week, the ability to stay at home or in a sober living and is significantly less costly. IOP also allows for more balance in that the treatment is integrated into your life so that you can work, volunteer or attend school. PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) can be for patients who have completed residential treatment and don’t need 24-hour care anymore but still require more in-depth help. Attendance at PHP is usually five days per week all day.

So, in closing, although it is beneficial to have a variety of choices for addiction treatment, determining whether sober living, IOP, PHP or a residential drug rehab is appropriate for you is best left to a professional evaluation.


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Progressive Living provides structured sober living homes and addiction recovery housing. Our focus is on helping men & women new in sobriety to re-acclimate into life in a manner that is conducive to living as a proactively sober individual. It is often the case that a client at any of our recovery residences will take part in outpatient treatment during their initial stay here. If requested, we are happy to provide clients with information on local outpatient rehab providers based on prior experience and their overall reputation. Information provided however, is not an endorsement nor based on any clinical matter or assessment.

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