One of the single greatest complaints we as addiction treatment professionals hear from newly sober clients is, “recovery is not fun,” or some variation thereof. Whether in a drug treatment center environment or sober living home, or even those able to recover from addiction on their own by simply attending 12-Step meetings, it is extremely common to see newcomers experiencing very little joy from activities that would otherwise be enjoyable to others.

A good way to counter this type of thing, however, is to surround yourself with actively sober people within an already vibrant recovery community, and that is the perfect descriptor for Bucks County, Pennsylvania; and more specifically Bristol and Levittown, PA.

The clinical term is, “Ahnedonia,” an inability to experience pleasure in things that would otherwise be enjoyable…to normal people that is. This condition is particularly common among alcoholics and drug addicts due to what has been taking place in their brains while in active addiction. In short, they’ve been flooding the pleasure center of their brains while actively using, thereby raising the bar of what is needed for the brain to feel pleasure. Aside from the Ahnedonia factor, lots of addicts also suffer from co-occurring mental health disorders, a very common one being depression and bipolar disorder, both of which can contribute to this “blahh” feeling.

One of the greatest things about 12-Step recovery groups, i.e., AA and NA, aside from the recovery component of course, is the immense camaraderie that is created among the members. Certain places around the country seem to have more upbeat and vibrant sober communities, almost to where being sober IS the “cool” thing to do. Here in Pennsylvania, Bucks County continues to move in that direction. In fact if you look at AA meeting directories in and around towns like Bristol, Levittown, Southampton and Doylestown, you will notice there is a relatively large amount of meetings as compared to the populations. 12-Step meetings in these parts also do a great job of breaking that stereotypical image of the old, grumpy, raspy alcoholic in a trench coat.

The recovery community here in Bucks County, PA also remains very active when it comes to celebrating holidays and other important occasions. Some examples would be:

  • Summer pool parties & bbq’sespecially on Labor Day, Memorial Day and 4th of July
  • Winter holiday eventssober Christmas & New Years parties, marathon meetings, dances, etc.
  • Attending & volunteering at regional and national conventions
  • Random sober camping trips, fishing trips and even the occasional sober charter cruis
  • “Giving Back” events – working with homeless & handicapped, volunteering at shelters & soup kitchens, manning phones at AA-NA Central Offices, etc.

At Progressive Living we take sobriety very seriously because to many, this is a life or death proposition. However, having some fun, or in many cases re-learning to have fun without the use of drugs or alcohol, is very integral component in sobriety. The fact is, if the sufferer cannot experience some true joy in life, or at the very least have a realistic sense of hope that they will soon be able to, then the prospect of getting and staying sober becomes very grim. We don’t simply encourage fun and camaraderie here at Progressive Living, we demand it!,


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Progressive Living provides structured sober living homes and addiction recovery housing. Our focus is on helping men & women new in sobriety to re-acclimate into life in a manner that is conducive to living as a proactively sober individual. It is often the case that a client at any of our recovery residences will take part in outpatient treatment during their initial stay here. If requested, we are happy to provide clients with information on local outpatient rehab providers based on prior experience and their overall reputation. Information provided however, is not an endorsement nor based on any clinical matter or assessment.

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