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With locations throughout Bristol, Morrisville and Levitown, Pennsylvania, as well as in Ewing, New Jersey, Progressive Living is a full-scope addiction recovery solution. From PHP & outpatient drug & alcohol treatment, to well structured recovery houses and semi-structured transitional sober living homes, we have taken the many positive qualities behind each of these three program types and have created a unique and comprehensive addiction recovery solution that is truly special.

The recovery model here at Progressive Living is one that focuses on healthy, effective and comprehensive solutions that address the many aspects inherent to drug addiction, alcoholism and related mental health disorders. Equally important is the fact that we offer recovery services at very affordable costs.

For new clients just beginning their journey in sobriety from drugs and/or alcohol, we have teamed up with DayBreak Treatment Solutions located in Levittown, Pennsylvania. Through this relationship we are able to provide the client with medical detox and PHP (partial hospitalization – an affordable alternative to inpatient/residential drug rehab) & IOP (intensive outpatient) treatment. Equally important however, is that we will work in conjunction with the DayBreak Treatment staff and therapists, thus creating a custom care recovery plan that best suits the client’s individual recovery needs.

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  • RECOVERY HOMES: Higher structure than sober livings with the option to add on various treatment services
  • SOBER LIVINGS: Less structured residences designed to reintegrate the client into the world with success in sobriety
  • All locations are gender-specific in order to place greater focus on the overall recovery process
  • Strategically structured along with a comprehensive array of support services
  • For sober living & recovery housing call: (215) 584-03407 days a week
Medical Detox and Suboxone in Pennsylvania


  • PHP: A more affordable alternative to traditional residential drug & alcohol treatment
  • A full-scope recovery program that addresses the many underlying causes of addiction
  • Affordable costs and PPO insurance plans accepted
  • Treatment focus on substance abuse as well as related mental health disorders
  • A program designed for men and women ages 18 and up
  • For addiction treatment or medical detox services call: (844) 447-323924/7
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PHP Addiction Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey


While most drug and alcohol rehab centers offer inpatient (residential) addiction treatment services, we have found that the PHP approach offers a more real life experience, while also costing the family or client substantially less. Progressive Living has teamed up with DayBreak Treatment Solutions here in Levittown, PA as a means for providing very effective PHP and IOP addiction treatment services. This includes individual and group therapy, including specialized approaches such as; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), relapse prevention, medication management and much more. At the samrate, clients in our PHP program will live in offsite residential housing that includes various real life elements that is not generally seen in residential or inpatient treatment centers.

Addiction Recovery Homes in Bristol, Levittown and Morrisville, PA


The addiction treatment process is most effective when done so in a consistently transitional manner. The next phase of recovery following our PHP program is the recovery housing element. During this phase clients begin to integrate back into life as a newly sober individual, while maintaining a well-structured schedule as set by the program standards. While each client is viewed on a custom level depending on their unique life elements, they likewise are required to adhere to the general recovery and program guidelines, all of which are strategically designed to strengthen their sobriety and prepare them for the next phase of sobriety. Additionally, IOP (intensive outpatient treatment is available for those needing a bit higher level of care.

Sober Living Homes in Levittown, Bristol and Morrisville, Pennsylvania


Sober living housing is the final phase of what we provide and is designed to enable the client to begin work or school, while also providing them with varied elements of support. A common scenario of sober living would be that of a client working during daytime hours and then returning to the sober living for dinner and then an recovery support meeting like AA or NA. Our sober living homes also have weekly housing meetings, curfews, random onsite drug testing and various other support services. It is recommended that clients live in sober living at least 90 days to 6 months.


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All networked addiction treatment services are provided by Daybreak Treatment Solutions, a Joint Commission accredited facility.

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