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When choosing a sober living, recovery home or addiction treatment center, it is important to learn more about them on a deeper level. It all starts with pictures of the houses, the people, events and so forth.

Progressive Living prides itself on not just instilling a new sense of recovery in the client, but also a new sense of living life on a deeper level. To some this can mean re-learning how to have fun without drugs or alcohol. To others it might mean reconnecting with family and friends on a deeper and more meaningful level. Whatever the case may be, we are honored to be a part of yours or your loved one’s recovery journey! As such, we would like to share a few photos with you and help you get to know Progressive Living on a deeper level…

Welcome to Treatment ONE Addiction Recovery in PA


NOTE: The photo gallery shown above features images from a number of our sober living homes, recovery houses and PHP treatment residences throughout Bristol, Morrisville & Levittown, Pennsylvania and Ewing, New Jersey. While a specific location may be of greater appeal to you or a loved one needing help with drug or alcohol addiction, admission and placement in any of our homes is based entirely on the clinical recovery needs of the individual. Though we will always strive to do our absolute best to place individuals in homes and locations they most prefer.


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Locations in Bucks County, PA and Ewing, NJ

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Progressive Living provides structured sober living homes and addiction recovery housing. We do not provide licensed drug & alcohol treatment services. Our focus is on helping men & women new in sobriety to reacclimate into life in a manner that is conducive to living as a sober individual. If a resident or prospective resident seeks a higher level of care, any treatment or therapy providers mentioned is based on prior experience and/or industry reputation and is not an endorsement nor based on any clinical matter.

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