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Information on ancillary services like recovery coaches & sober companions, addiction interventionists, legal liaisons, career & life coaching, etc.

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Outside of traditional recovery services, like sober living & halfway houses, drug rehab, therapy, counseling and so on, there exists another area of services that is not as well defined. These include recovery coaching & sober companions, addiction intervention & family guidance, life/career/relationship coaching (within the realm of early sobriety) and court & legal liaison services. These types of services generally are not connected with recovery homes, though at times it might be the case where a client at a sober living will personally hire a recovery coach to work with during the days.

There are a couple of reasons these are not as defined. First, providers of addiction intervention, sober coaching, etc. are not mandated to be formally licensed under any state law, though many do have various related credentials. Second, the process of recovery coaching and intervention is in large part centered around the client’s specific needs meaning, much of the process is very open-ended and not finite in any way.


Coaches come in all shapes and sizes. While one recovery coach may offer services focused solely around sobriety, another one might also provide coaching in areas like career, relationships, money management, and so forth. It is actually quite common to see residents in a recovery home that choose to privately hire and work one on one with a recovery coach.

Some variations in coaching: 

  • Recovery/sober coaching
  • Sober companion
  • Life coaching
  • Career & success coaching
  • Relationship coaching
Recovery Coaching and Sober Companions in Pennsylvania


The job of the interventionist is to work with, and guide the family in a direction that ultimately convinces the addict to get the help they need. Often times this might involve ultimatums, dangling carrots, and tough love. Generally speaking, the breakdown of scenarios is like this: Plan A, the individual agrees (reluctantly or not) to go to treatment, and it’s usually immediate. Plan B, any number of consequences that generally include being cut off from the family; financially, emotionally, physically, etc.

Interventionists are usually independant, that is, not employees of a drug rehab or sober living. They typically either work for themselves or with a company specializing in intervention services.

Addiction Intervention and Recovery Housing in Pennsylvania



Intervention and Sober Coaching in Pennsylvania

As a network of recovery homes and sober living residences, Progressive Living does not actually offer addiction intervention nor recovery coaching services. We have, however, been doing this for many years and have built a strong & reputable network of recovery services providers in which to tap into when needed. As we have previously noted, Pennsylvania, and especially Bucks County, offers a wealth of options in the realm of sobriety. You are welcome to contact us 7 days a week and we will happily share our experiences with you in this regard.

We invite you to learn more about our recovery housing services and for more information please use the contact form below or call (215) 584-0340.


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Progressive Living provides structured sober living homes and addiction recovery housing. Our focus is on helping men & women new in sobriety to re-acclimate into life in a manner that is conducive to living as a proactively sober individual. It is often the case that a client at any of our recovery residences will take part in outpatient treatment during their initial stay here. If requested, we are happy to provide clients with information on local outpatient rehab providers based on prior experience and their overall reputation. Information provided however, is not an endorsement nor based on any clinical matter or assessment.

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