Being the initial posting on this new website, here is a little snapshot into our sober livings, recovery homes and PHP addiction treatment recovery homes…

The State of Pennsylvania offers many options when it comes to addiction recovery services. From residential treatment to PHP (partial hospitalization) and IOP (intensive outpatient treatment), to various transitional environments like sober living homes and recovery housing, people come to Pennsylvania from all over the world in order to begin their new journey into sobriety.

If you follow 100 people throughout their first few months in recovery, the unfortunate reality is that upwards of 50, 60 or even 70 of them won’t make it past the initial 6 to 9 months. In some cases it comes down to the reality that he or she is simply not open to the idea of stopping the use of drugs and/or alcohol, in which case they may need to experience a greater amount of emotional pain until they become ready. However, in many of the other cases it comes down to the fact that they took too big of a leap from one phase to the next.

If you ask any experienced treatment professional they will agree, almost across the board, that the longer one stays in a structured recovery environment (i.e., sober living home, addiction recovery residence, halfway house, etc.) the more likely he or she is to remain sober over the long haul. Moreover, that same group of treatment professionals will also agree that transitioning in small increments is far more likely to garner positive results than, for instance, making big leaps such as, spending a week in detox then straight back home.

Progressive Living’s sober residences offer various levels of structure, and we generally are able to provide clients with more affordable options. We do it this way because we know it works, in fact it works really well as compared to many other cookie-cutter approaches. Our sober livings are located around Bucks County, PA with exception to our one sober apartment location which is located in Ewing, NJ. For more in depth information please visit our Recovery Services page.

We are very excited at the launch of this new website and plan to grow it into a forum for objective information on drug & alcohol addictions, treatment & detox, and of course sober living & recovery housing services. For more information on each of our homes we invite you to visit our Locations page.


Progressive Living operates a network of sober living homes and addiction recovery houses throughout Pennsylvania, including; Levittown, Bristol and Morrissville (Bucks County), PA as well as a sober living apartment complex in Ewing, New Jersey — view our locations. Our recovery residences range from medium to higher structure and are available for men and women ages 18 and up that are new in their sobriety from drug or alcohol addiction. Reach us 7 days a week at: (215) 584-0340 or


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Locations in Bucks County, PA and Ewing, NJ

(215) 584-0340



Progressive Living provides structured sober living homes and addiction recovery housing. Our focus is on helping men & women new in sobriety to re-acclimate into life in a manner that is conducive to living as a proactively sober individual. It is often the case that a client at any of our recovery residences will take part in outpatient treatment during their initial stay here. If requested, we are happy to provide clients with information on local outpatient rehab providers based on prior experience and their overall reputation. Information provided however, is not an endorsement nor based on any clinical matter or assessment.

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